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Regarding Availabilty Check

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Dear All,

If I define my loading time and pick pack time in the my shipping point will the same have any impact on my requested delivery date at the header level which is the customers requested delivery date.

For Example if the customers requested delivery date is 20th August and I define 2 days as my loading time and 2 days as my pick pack time.Will there be any impact on the Customers requested delivery date or there will be an impact on the client confirmed delivery date at the item level when the system runs the availabilty check.


Atul Keshav

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Atul

Please check this thread

[material availability date |;


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi Lakshmipathy,

I have gone thru the detailed explaination given in the thread with regdards to material availabilty.However if I Define my various times in the material master like In House production time say 5 days and Gr Processing Time as 5 days will the system take into A/c these times also and if i have defined my pick pack time as 5 days and loading date as 5 days assuming material is not available while doing backward scheduling and the system does a forward scheduling.So if my customers requested date is today 13th August 2008 and material is not available so will the new date be 13th Aug + 5 Days ( Loading time) + 5 Days( Pick Pack Time)+ 5 Days Gr time + 5 Days In house Prod Time.


Atul Keshav

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi there,

In delivery scheduling, there are 6 important dates to be taken care of.

1) Order date.For eg 15th Aug

2) MAD: Material Availability Date

3) Transportation planning date

4) Loading Date

5) GI date: Goods Issue date

6) requested delivery date. For eg 20th Aug

Time between MAD & Loading date is called pick pack time

Time between Loading date & GI date is called Loading time.

Time between GI date & delivery date is called transit time

pick pack time is maintained in shipping point.

Transit time or TAT is maintained in Route.

Basing on these dates, system initially does backward scheduling from the requested delivery date to determine each of the dates till the MAD. If the MAD is on or before the order date, system will confirm the requested delivery date. If MAD is after the order date, from that date it does forward scheduling & proposes the dates till the confirmed delivery date. So ideally your confirmed delivery date is on or after the requested delivery date.

So this is where the time you maintain in shipping point & routes are relevant.

Hope this clarifies your dount.



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Any outbound delivery process starts from a shipping pt

Logically if you look ,pick pack and loading are shipping activities done at shipping pt

System fetches these times from the shipping pt

Your qn is related to Backward and Forward scheduling

Thro these system system arrives at Material availability date and performs an availability check at plant level