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Regarding Addition of Row Level UDF's amount in the Document total;

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Dear All,

I have one problem regarding the addition of UDF's amount in the document total....

The Scenario is as follows:

I have created 2 row level UDF's namely 1. Packing Charges 2. Other Charges

Now when i am creating the Sales Order i have to add the amount entered in these 2 fields in the Total

amount i.e in the Document total amount ..

For example suppose if Qty=5 , Basic Price = 100 , Packing Charges = 100 & Other Charges = 100

Then the amount in the document total must be (Qty*Basic Price)Packing Charges Other Charges

i.e (100*5)100100 = 500100100=700

So the Total amount must be 700 like these..............

Is their any function for the row level UDF's to solve this. Solutions will be highly appreciable

Manohar Patil

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hai justmanohar

Using this example query try to solve your issue

declare @u_Field1 as numeric(19,6)
declare @U_field2 as numeric(19,6)
declare @U_Field3 as numeric(19,6)

set @U_field2 =$[PDN1.Quantity]
set  @U_field3=$[PDN1.U_DCQTY]
set @U_field1 = (@sysqty + @dcqty)
select  @U_field1*

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi, you can use formatted research to slove this

1.Create a query as

'select $[rdr1.quantity.number]*$[rdr1.price.number]$[rdr1.u_xxx1.number]$[rdr1.u_xxx2.number]'

2.Save it.

3.Set formatted research in linetotal field by selecting the query created earlier and set it to auto refresh.