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Reg :Tcodes

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Hi Experts ,

I Need all the SAP master data Tcodes ?

Ex: Va01

Regards ,

Narayana Murthy

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Answers (5)

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hi, check this

Human Resources

PA03 Change Payroll control record

PA20 Display PA Infotypes

PA30 Create/Change PA Infotypes

PP02 Quick Entry for PD object creation

PU00 Delete PA infotypes for an employee. Will not be able to delete an infotype if there is cluster data assigned to the employee.

Sales and Distribution (SD)

OLSD Config for SD. Use Tools-Data Transfer-Conditions to setup SAP supplied BDC to load pricing data

VA01 Create Sales/Returns Order Initial Screen

VB21 Transaction for Volume Lease Purchases (done as a sales deal)

VK15 Transaction used to enter multiple sales conditions (most will be entered here)

VL02 Deliveries

SAP Office

SO00 send a note through SAP, can be sent to Internet, X400, etc

Financial Accounting (FI)

FGRP Report Writer screen

FM12 View blocked documents by user

FST2 Insert language specific name for G/L account.

FST3 Display G/L account name.

KEA0 Maintain operating concern.

KEKE Activate CO-PA.

KEKK Assign operating concern.

KL04 Delete activity type.

KS04 Delete a cost centre.

KSH2 Change cost centre group – delete.

OBR2 Deletion program for customers, vendors, G/L accounts.

OKC5 Cost element/cost element group deletion.

OKE1 Delete transaction data.

OKE2 Delete a profit centre.

OKI1 Determine Activity Number: Activity Types (Assignment of material number/service to activity type)

OMZ1 Definition of partner roles.

OMZ2 Language dependent key reassignment for partner roles.

Material Management (MM)

MM06 Flag material for deletion.

OLMS materials management configuration menu, most of the stuff under this menu is not under the implementation guide

MM configuration transactions

OLMB Inventory management/Physical Inventory

OLMD MM Consumption-Based Planning

OLME MM Purchasing

OLML Warehouse Management

OLMR Invoice Verification

OLMS Material Master data

OLMW MM Valuation/Account Assignment

Configuration related

OLE OLE demo transaction

OLI0 C Plant Maintenance Master Data

OLI1 Set Up INVCO for Material Movements

OLI8 Set Up SIS for Deliveries

OLIA C Maintenance Processing

OLIP C Plant Maintenance Planning

OLIQ New set-up of QM info system

OLIX Set Up Copying/Deleting of Versions

OLIY Set Up Deletion of SIS/Inter.Storage

OLIZ Stat Set Up INVCO: Invoice Verify

OLM2 Customizing: Volume-Based Rebates

OLMB C RM-MAT Inventory Management Menu


OLME C MM Menu: Purchasing

OLML C MM Menu for Warehouse Management

OLMR C RM-MAT Menu: Invoice Verification

OLMS C RM-MAT Master Data Menu

OLMW C RM-MAT Valuation/Acct. Asset. Menu

OLPA SOP Configuration

OLPE Sales order value

OLPF SPRO Start SAP IMG (Implementation Guide).

OLPK Customizing for capacity planning

OLPR Project System Options

OLPS Customizing Basic Data

OLPV Customizing: Std. Value Calculation

OLQB C QM QM in Procurement

OLQI Analysis OLVD C SD Shipping Menu

OLVF C SD Billing Menu

OLQM Customizing QM Quality Notifications

OLQS C QM Menu Basic Data

OLQW C QM Inspection Management

OLQZ Quality Certificates

OLS1 Customizing for Rebates

OLSD Customizing: SD

OLVA C SD Sales Menu

OLVS C SD Menu for Master Data

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Look at the table TSTC, there you will find all the



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XD01 - Customer master

MM01 - Material master

XK01 - Vendor master



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Check all Tcodes in TSTC table.



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