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reg: FTXP tax codes import in quality

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Hi friends,

I created tax codes in US country and exported them into the customizing request, then i released the request and asked the basis pple to move into quality.

They moved into quality.

Then i executed the program called RFTAXIMP, nd it asked me to enter the request nd country.

the entered them and executed.

but  just the tax codes were reflecting, but it contains no percentage rates and even G/L accounts also.

Pl let me know the correct process to import the newly created tax codes from development to quality.

the system am using is HK33.



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Answers (6)

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When you do the transport for Tax code, this will not move including the tax percentage. Hence you have to go to the T-Code FTXP, give the Country Key and  Tax Code, then select the export option from menu bar --> Tax Code --> Transport --> Export. Once the message show this has been exported from your development to production, you should go to production system and go to the same t-code FTXP, then give the Country Key and  Tax Code, then go to menu bar --> Tax Code --> Transport --> Import.

This process will update your tax % in production system



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Please, read SAP Note 52852 - Transporting tax codes between systems. This note explains in detail the steps to transport tax codes.

As per note 52852:


"When the tax codes are imported, the percentage rates are only added or overwritten in the target system, but not deactivated.

For example Tax code XY, Country DE.

Source system Target system After the transport

AccKy Tax percent. AccKy Tax percent. AccKy Tax percent.

MWS 15,000 MWS 10,000 MWS 10,000

VST 10,000 VST VST 10,000

VST VST 20,000 VST 20,000

NVV 1,000 NVV NVV 1,000




Please read note 52852 carefully.

Also check the related notes:

39232 No tax percentage rates when copying client 000

13528 Tax codes not delivered

605537 Transport of tax codes/deleted tax codes

110970 Transport of tax code/system has status

I hope this helps you!

Kind Regards,

Mateus Grings

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If the tax rates have to be maintained individually in FV11, there was no need to run the import program in the first place. Ideally the import export should be done across the landscape to maintain santity of tax codes



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Hi Friend

If you are importing tax code from dev  to quality it will update only that tax code, you have to maintain the tax rate in fv11 and maintain the GL account assignment in OB40 and you have to transport this request.  You can also maintain the tax percentage in FTXP in quality client also

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Product and Topic Expert
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The issue which could be happening is that the quality system is set up as a Test System in T Code SCC4.

Please work with your Basis Team to have the system "opened" or set up as "Production" temporarily, when you execute the program RFTAXIMP. This is a minimum prerequsite to set up the tax codes correctly in the test system.

Hope this clarifies.

Thanks & Regards

Sanil K Bhandari

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Hi Harish, the requirement for Program RFTAXIMP is that "Tax codes must previously have been exported using the function Transport -> Export."

I am wondering if you've done that. If you did that you shouldn't have any issue's