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Refurbishment issue

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Material & Equipment serial no assigned

Case 1.

1. Equipment Dismantled ( Ie02- structure tab)

2. In IE4n

Movement type 501 & also tried 262 & I got this

Dismantling not possible: No superior equipment exists for equipment 10006397

Message no. IEN108

Case 2

1. Equipment installed in FL

2. In IE4n u2013 entered material, equipment & serial eneterd

Movement type 501 & pressed check button


a. Structured gap can be created at FL

b. Simulated dismantled of equipment form FL failed

Case 3

1. Equipment installed in FL

2. In IE4n u2013 entered material, equipment & serial

3. Order created pm01

Movement type 262

Message: System status CLSD is active

Checked in the forum and unable to resolve

Please guide me

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Answers (1)

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It looks like the order is closed (system-status CLSD)...


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I have checked the order.

It is nort closed.

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What is the order system status?

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Dear Pete Atkin

The status is


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1. Can you dismantle equipment without goods movement?

2. Case 1 seems okay to me as you can not dismantle already 'dismantled equipment'.

3. Case 2: can you provide complete error message text?

4. Case 3: What is message number?

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Dear Sirs,

1. I have created split valuation for material (c1,c2,c3) -ok

2. stock posted & checked in MMBE ( stock is visible)-ok

3. equipment created with serial no and material no (split valued material) and checked in -sert-ok- and installed in FL.

4. now in ie4n,

I tried to dismantle the equipment

movement type-501

entered material no and equipment no and checked


at least one error occurred during attempted pm/mm posting

message no Message no. IEN131

in the application log

Enter valuation type

Message no. M7347


The material is subject to split valuation, but you have not chosen a valuation type.

System Response

The system can only post the document if you have assigned the quantity to a valuation type.


Enter a valuation type.

If you do not know the valuation type, use the possible entries function to view a list of the existing valuation types for the material.

Please advise me.



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If your mateial has split valuation for example

Defective = £5 as scrap value

Fit for purpose = £100 not new but fit for purpose.

New = £ 175 new item never been used

when asked you need to specify which valuation the material is to go into. If you do not know and an inspection is required then it should be returned as Defective and after inspection can be transfered to fit for purpose or sent for repair.