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Refresh Matrix with data updated

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1.- How Can I Active a cell that it's inactive So I update that cell with a new data?

2.- Besides, Is it possible in SAP BUSINESS ONE to change a data that it`s located in a locked cell for the Standard? Is There any command so I can active that cell And I can update with any data?

3.- What does "Item is not an user defined item" mean?

Thank you for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Re 1. - The Column object has a property "Editable" that you can set to "True"

Re 2. - Usually it is not possible to enable a non-editable column on a B1 form due to requirements of the logic... and single cells cannot be set to Editable / non-Editable at all (i.e. also for user matrices) yet.

There is already a development request (DRQ) for that.

Re 3. - The item you tried to manipulate has been created by the SAP Business One application. This includes some limitations you don't encounter with matrixes defined via UI API.



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