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Reference Table

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I am creating a purchase header and item table(With same fields as in the standard table) in SE11. But when iam creating the Purchase item, it is giving error that

ZPURI-MENGE (specify reference table AND reference field)

ZPURI-NETPR (specify reference table AND reference field)

ZPURI-NETWR (specify reference table AND reference field)

Table ZPURI must be created in the database

Check on table ZPURI resulted in errors.

Why Iam getting the error when iam creating the purchase item table only?

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(edition: I hate this forum has no "ENQUEUE_THREAD" options... it will save us a lot of time preventing "double-posting" like this one :P)

All quantity fields must have a referenced unit field in the same table or in another one. The same thing about currency ones.

Go to the "Currency/quant" tab and put those corresponding fields. I will advice you to add the units/coin fields to the same table, and fill them.

If you want to save some space, just add those unit/coin fields to the header table and use the appropiate reference in the pointed tab

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not understand ur answer

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Alex D in SE11, for quantity and amount field, you have to go in another tab to specify what is the reference of the quantity or amount.

an amount should refered to a currency field

a quantity should refered to a unit of quantity field