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Reference multiple orders from a notification.

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Hi all,

My client has a requirement for multiple work orders to link to a single notification. I know this goes against standard system behaviour, however, the orders do not need to be linked in the conventional way - they just need to reference the original notification in a way which is reportable.

The requirement comes from the following business process:

A notification is raised to represent a survey, this survey will identify the condition of a number of different aspects of a functional location e.g. roofs, ceiling, external areas etc.

If remedial work is identified as part of this survey, work orders will be raised as appropriate, however, not all of the remedial work will be carried out on a single work order as they work may be paid for from different budgets and may be undertaken months apart.

The requirement is for a link of some sort between each of the work orders and the original notification, so that for reporting purposes each order can be traced back to the survey in which the work was identified.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be accomplished?

Thanks in advance,


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I have mapped a similar scenario as follows

For a particular house (defined as FL) user wanted to raise notification for civil defects like floor damaged, wall damaged, plastering, door damaged, windows, hinges, bath room fittings and electrical fittings damages ect. Infact we catagorised them to 4 categories such as civil, electrical, Roof & carpentry & created 4 types of notification to capture damages in this category as these are handled by diffrent planner groups(budgets). We have captured all damages through catalogues(object part & damages). So when we converted one or multiple notifications to order, different operations are being added as per line items of noifications.

As you said these orders will be handled by different groups its always better to capture requirements of different groups in different notifications(group your damages according to the planner groups handling them & capture in a notification). You can convince your customer as this will ease your reporting requirement


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Greetings Shakti,

You have piqued my interest - is there a standard functionality to convert Notification items to Order operations? How does one configure it?

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Greetings Richard,

Only thing that comes to my mind is to put order numbers as free text in notification tasks or items

You can't assign a notification to more than one order directly or via an Object tab.