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Reference division change

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Dear all,

I have a division PR whose reference division is also PR in a particular sales organisation DDDD and dist channel DC.

Now I have changed the reference division to NP.

Now when I try to open previously created sales orders which were created in sales area DDDD / DC / PR, the system is not allowing. It is showing following error: Sold-to-party not maintained for sales area DDDD / DC / NP.

Plz help to resolve this.

Is it advisable to change common division ?


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Common divisions and distribution channels are use to avoid master data redundency.

Eg: If you give PR as reference division for PQ (Assuming master data is maintained for PQ).

Then there is no need of creating data again for PR cos the same data of PQ will be used for PR also.

In your scenario since you have changed the reference division for PR from PR to NP. when ever you create documents involving division PR the master data will be accessed related to reference division NP.

Check out that you would have not created the Sold to party for the division NP.

You should have created the master data for division NP then changed the reference division such as

Creating customer master, assigning sales document to sales area etc

Hope this helps