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Recurring entries problem: what is the use of "running date" or "interval"

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Hi Im learning about the function of recurring entries in SAP ECC6

In simple, if I want to run an entry on the first day of every month, I :

1. FBD1 to create the recurring template with debit and credit entries

2. F.14 to post the recurring template to session

3. Every month first I go to SM35 to execute the session

So if we execute the session manually, why do we need to set the "running date" and "interval" in the recurring template?

Even I set 1-month interval, I still need to go to SM35 to execute it.

Scenario 2:

1. FBD1 to create the recurring template with debit and credit entries

2. I setup the batch job to run F.14 to post the session regularly.

So I set up "schedule date" in batch job setting, and "monthly" in "repeat option" of batch job setting. So it will run every month.

And then same as above, the "running date" and "interval" in the recurring template is useless?

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