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Record Management. Record Model relation

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Can anyone explain me what is the relation functionality in the record modeller?

I mean the part between rol visibility and attributes.

Help sap says:

"Optional: Enter a relation. The relation expresses the relationship between the element and the record above it. Input help is available for selecting the relation. (You maintain relations in registry maintenance in the dialog box for Area, tab page POID Directory.) "

You can define this relations using SRMREGEDIT in the Direct POID tab but I can't find any example where you can use this part of the record modeller.

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Relation is a business semantic given to a linkage between two objects. For eg, in SAP Records Management which is used by PLM in the backend, a record created using a record model will have a IO(instance of) relation written for it. Similarly, if you have attached an object to a record then a CT(contains) relation is written with record being the main object & linked object being subservient object. This is just to understand the relations & does not necessarily affect the behaviour of the objects.

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