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reconcile of subcontracting challan

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hi friends..

for repair of electric motor, i have created a material and created bom for that material with the same material code as component,

at the time of reconcile of subcontracting challan,

there r two line items at header with mov type 101 and 541

in item details only one line item with mov 101 is there, while assigned the quantity, quantity is updating in both the header items after clicking on allocation check,

and when i want to complete challan, dump error is displayed,

once again when i go back and check in j1ifq, line item at header with mov 541 is displayed, no items in item quantity is displayed.

i dont know why it is not getting reconciled

can i know what is problem, and how it can be rectified..

thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear ,

Please delete the 101 movement type from the Movement type groups for receipts(0002) in

LG-Tax on goods movement-india-business transactions-subcontracting-maintain movement type group-

The root for the problem is here. Because whenever u r recocnciling the challan ,the reconcilation is occuring for 101 movement also with 543.

Hence in J1IFR, (for those challans which are reconciled by 101 movement type,maybe u r repeating the same activity) quantity pending shows in green -ve.Therefore the dump occurs when u try to display those s/c challans

To avoid further complexions, delete 101 MT from movement type group.



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