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Recommended assemblies items list for MRP running at Warehouse level is longer than company level

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Hi Experts,

My client ran MRP Wizard at Warehouse and Company level with identical options ( same warehouses, supply and demand data source and etc ) to compare the result.

Here is the scenario:

In the Inventory data source selection screen :

1) Choose Company Level, and tick 3 warehouse codes

2) Choose Warehouse Level, and tick 3 warehouse codes ( same warehouse codes)

The assemblies items code shown in the result of running at the Warehouse level is 21 item codes whereas the one running at the company level is only 13 item codes.

Can anyone suggest what are the possible reasons for the result? Is it because the system will consider all warehouses for running the wizard at the company level disregarding they have only chosen three warehouses?

Best regards,


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Let's have a look at a simple example related to Company Level and Warehouse Lever

Company Level: system calculates the stock and demand by sum up all warehouses: Stock: 3 and Demand: 3 >>> no recommendation in MRP result window.

Warehouse Level: system calculate the stock and demand by separate warehouse. In this case

Warehouse B: Stock: 2, Demand 3

Warehouse A: Stock 1, Demand 0

>>> system will show IT001 in the MRP result window and recommend to transfer 1 uom of IT001 from warehouse A to B.

Hope this helps,

Son Tran