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Receive against an ASN referencing a Scheduling Agreement (SA)

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We would like to start using RF directly in SAP (lm00,lm01 etcu2026), we currently perform this outside of the system and feed into it. We would like to receive product from our supplier against an ASN referencing an SA. Can anyone give me some instruction on how to do this? And will it show the details of the ASN on the scanners?

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You can see the ASN details on the scanner. You can scan the information that needs to be recorded, such as handling unit (HU) numbers, using a bar code, and also scan the bar code to verify the storage bins

Since the RF solution is an integral part of the standard SAP System, you can access the RF transactions either directly through the SAP menu or from mobile data-entry devices

Generated information is immediately available to the SAP database instantly

Generally to use RF have to set the indicators in MM01 Transaction in WM view. Gist of steps in RF ar eas follows...

Create PO, Create inbound delivery, create and confirm TO using RF screen, select delivery and do PGI. Later can see the document flow. You can run the same scenario with ASN also.I hope this will give clarity to you. Thanking you.