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Receipt of Batch with Serial number is not possible in Decentralized Warehouse

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Hello Guys

We are trying to process inbound delivery confirmation in our decentralized warehouse. We have a scenario where material is batch managed and serialized so during receipt, we must enter batch and SN’s on it.

We get below 2 errors.

Serial no. maintenance only possible if you specify a batch/val. type

Message no. VL427

Item 000010 requires exactly 2 serial numbers for the asset

Message no. IO206

The batch was blank during IBD replication but confirmation IDOC has the batch. How come that system is not looking at batch specified in the IDOC (confirmation message)?

As specified in SAP document, we are trying to process IDOC with batch split line with main item quantity as 0 and batch split with correct batch and quantity.

4.2.6 Comment on Batch Split

For example, item 0010, material 4711, requested quantity 100 PCE.

You pick 40 PCE of Batch ‘A911’, 60 PCE of Batch ‘B912’.

In the IDoc, you have to return the item and two sub -items of type batch sub -item

(USERHIERITM=1). The main item has delivery quantity 0 and no batch number. The item

number for the batch items must not coincide with any of the other items in the delivery. Trad itionally,

numbers higher than 900000 are used.”

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