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RECCLIENT is OFF. Can i identify transports containing table changes?

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this is my first post here so please be indulgent if I did not comply to any board rule.

I have a SAP ECC 6 EHP 8 System where transport parameter RECCLIENT is OFF. So table changes in transports were not logged in dbtablog. Is it anyway possible to identify those transports via some other method?

I was looking in E070 and TPALOG but could not find a tag which i can filter for just seeing transports with table changes.

Thank you in advance.

(PS: please do not confuse rec/client and RECCLIENT)

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Answers (2)

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Thank you for your answer. This topic came up to my attention again.

I used the SE03 and selected as you mentioned. But i got many many tasks of all types (workbench/customizing etc.) which are the tasks that contail transporte tables ot table changes?

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you can use SE03 > "Find Objects in Requests/Tasks" to find transports with object key

R3TR TABU <tablename>

If the table is part of a view the data can also be imported into the system by a transport request with this object key:

R3TR VDAT <viewname>

For getting the viewname(s) you have to use the where-used-list in SE11 for the table.