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Hi Guru's.

While i am trying to create /Extending Rebate Agreement I am getting the error"The sales volume for agreement XXXXX is not currect, could you please assist any one how to overcome this.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Nallurid,

Rebate is a special discount paid to the customer retroactively usually at the end of the agreement period.

For example if some rebate condition is maintained at a later point of time after agreement is created, then old billing documents related to the agrrement must be lacking the new condition type. To update old billing documents you have to run the transaction code VBOF or run the program SDBONT06.

Following is a part of the SAP program documentation maintained for the TCODE VBOF (Please check the icon I present just besides the execute icon present in the tcode VBOF. It still has extensive information). This describes the use and consequences of SDBONT06 program.

Firstly the program determines (depending on its parameters) the amount of billing documents. A new pricing is then carried out for these documents (with a pricing type which simply redetermines rebate conditions, that have not yet been totally calculated).

- If the program produces a different result with regard to the rebate conditions, the rebate conditions are updated.

- If these changes affect accruals, an additional accounting document is created, which is adapted to accruals.

Hope this explains

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Hi Nallurid,

I also face the same issue.To solve this Error

Go to T.Code SE38.Mention the Program name-- SDBONT06

Click on Execute

You will find another screen

Enter the agreement no

Enter the recipient

Validity end period

Enter the sales org, Distribution channel& Division

Check mark the error

Uncheck the test &Click on execute

Go to VBO2 & enter the agreement no & enter. You will not find any error

Please let me know when your problem is solved



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Goto T.Code: SE38 and execute program SDBONT06, for the relevent rebate agreement.

Hope this helps.