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In my project we have a separate partner function called Comission agent. Now whenver the customer(Who is having association with this comission agent) gives the order, Rebate should be accumulated to the comission agent. Plz let me know how to do the settings such that rebate will be accumulated to the Comission Agent.( Rebate generally paid to PAYER. Here the payer is the customer himself, but rebate should goes to comisssion agent).

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Hi this is a very common problem in Italy since commission agents are very popular. Anyway we could not manage this problem by rebates, we use a partner function (supplier) like you but the we use a custom program that collects commissions from the invoices and the creates proforma billing documents. This is because the sales agents are suppliers and not customers so you cannot bill them from SD but you need to use MM or FI. Also remember to post the costs in CO.