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rebates not creating accruals

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Hi All,

Please help me with this.

I have here a rebate agreement. the creation of the accrual is via job. However, even the job was finished, the accrual were not created. So i suggested to run the creation of manual accruals (VBOF) manually. When they did this, an error message appeared: "Not all agreements are processed correctly. For more info see application log". And the accruals were not created. Steps done: VBO1 > Rebate Adjustment > creation of manual accruals.

Thanks for the help.

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Answers (4)

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Thank you very much to all who helped me with this.

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Dear Friend,

As Venkat suggested, check in your invoice, whether rebate relevan condition type is there, and it has the relevant rebate agreement number.

You can see the rebate agreement no in invoice, by selecting the rebate relevant condition type and click on the lens icon at the bottom.

If your rebate agreement number exists there, and you are not able to see the accruals in the rebate agreement, then run VBOF, which will update the same.

In general, the use of VBOF is as follows.

You have created the rebate agreement on 5th dec, 2009; but it is valid for that whole month(i.e., valid from 1-12-2009 to 31-12-2009). In this case, the invoices which are created before 5th december will not be having the values for rebate condition types in the invoice.

Hence we do need to run the report VBOF - to take those invoices in to consideration to calcualte accruals.

Hope this may helps.



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Creation manual accrual is nothing but a mode of paying the customer whatever he accrued as a result of the sales. This is possible only when there are some accruals.

VBOF is the transaction which updates the billing documents which are relevant with rebates, then you can see the accrual amount using the verification level. The amount you can see in verification under accrual is only payable to the customer.

As you said "not all agreements are processed correctly" here see the system log and act accordingly.

Other wise one way of checking is get the agreement which you want to check for accruals, say for Ex: 564, check the accruals for this agreement using verification level. Then go to VBOF and give the agreement number and run this program. Come back and check the verification level if you find any variation it is OK, if not it means that there is not sales or invoices using this agreement to be updated.

Then check for the invoices which you may think need to update in this agreement. In the invoices you need to check whether this rebates conditions are executed or not, if yes check for the agreement number in the condition tab, select the rebate condition type and click on details, you can see the agreement number through it is picked. If you find the same agreement for which you are checking, then you need to check for the other options why this is not updated in rebate agreements.

If not, Let me know the Log you are getting, so that we can analyse further.


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What is the application log telling?

Creation of manual accrual is not an option of VBOF since costing objects would not be created now with the correct value and even all the invoice level reporting would be wrong. Further, once the VBOF starts working, then there will be dual accrual.


Naveen Aggarwal