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Hii my query may sound really lame but I am unable to understand this hence putting forth the qs to u guys

when we make a rebate agreement .......material rebate-----what do the fieldd Amount and accruals signify and in scaless........

Scale quantity , amount and accrualss

I am not able to understand what amount is to be entered in which field



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yours querry is geniune, well i'll try tp explain with expamle:

Product A you are selling and there is a rebate in %

Product Scale Amount Accrual

A 0-100 Rs 1% 10

A 101-200 Rs 1.5% 15

Now what does this table means? this means when u are selling and if the Value of Bill is beteween 0&100 you will give a rebate of 1%. Now the question is what to do with accrual. Accrual is the one in which amount will get accumulated as and when the bill will be saved and get reversed when u release the Credit Note.

A customer buys 100 rs worth of Product A and now he is eligible for discount in the form of rebate. The rebate will be paid after 6 months, in this case system should have something to accumulate till the rebate gets credited to the customer. Thats why we have the field called Accrual.

If you have yet to ask something on this please revert.


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Thankss sooo much Pradeep ur reply was just what i needed........... what is special rebate ..if u have any idea

once again thank u for ur time



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Dont get confused by the word "Special", the process is same for all.


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one last question what is scale type in scaless and in what scenario can the accrual be diff

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Well sorry for the delay in response, i was busy with other things. the scale type is nothing, but to classify the scales for eg.

Scale in Rupees,Qty

if in Rs then

100-150 Rs

if in Qty

20-30 kg

something like that...still i'll recommend you to check again bcoz its long i havnt worked in rebate.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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dear maddy,

pls gothrough this..


Rebates are special kind of discounts that area paid to the customer on certain sales volume. Rebates are paid after rebate agreement period.

ex : one year the customer should purchase specified if he purchased that specified sales value then only to be rebates are going to be paid by raising credit memo.

Configuration Settings:

 Activate three controls

Check the rebate processing active at the time of defining sales organization

Activate check result at customer master pair

Activate check relevant for rebate whole defining to billing document type ex : F2

Including Condition Type, B002 with, subtotal =7, requirement = 24 and accounting key = ERB, Accrual Key = ERU, in V/08 B/N, Discount or after total discount value we have to put after discount value if we use rebate basis.

(Requirement 24 excludes rebate condition type during sales order processing and including during the billing process)

Create Rebate Agreements (VB01):

Path: Logistic S&D  Master Data  Rebate Agreement  Rebate Arrangement  VB01 Create

Specify Rebate Agreement ex: 0002 – Material Rebate

Inter, Specify the description, Rebate Recipient (Customer – Payer), “Currency” “Validity Period”

Agreement Status: Open & Verification levels

F- Do play totals by payer – material

*Click on Conditions maintain “ Sales Trees”, “Customer number”, “Material Number”, “Validity Period”, Amount”.

*Select Condition line item, 40 to Scales maintain scales, save it.

*note down the Rebate Agreement Number.

 Define Rebate Agreement Type:

Path: Img  S&D  Billing  Rebate Processing  Rebate Agreement  Define Agreement type  Define Agreement types

Choose Rebate agreement 0002 go to Details icon and maintain data as below

*Default Values

 Proposed Valid from: Specify the beginning validity date which system automatically proposes. Ex: to days date

 Proposed valid to: the value of this field proposes how long this rebate condition record should remain in force. ex-2

 Payment method: The value of this field determined how the payment going to be made ex: cheque or cash etc.

->Default Status: It specifies Default status of the rebate agreement. The system automatically proposes when you create a rebate agreement. Ex: Open

Control Data:

 Verification level: ex F – Display total by payer/material

It how the information should be displayed or printed out for a Rebate Agreement.

 Check different Validity periods

It specifies whether condition Records within Rebate Agreement must have exactly the same validity period as an agreement itself.

Manual Accruals order type R4 (B4):

Specify the sale doc type R4 when we perform manual posting of accruals for agreement.

Ex: when the ;business wants to put worth of certain amount of product as a front of store display then business pays 10000 then business has to post this 10000 as accruals, system automatically creates credit memo request of this document type(R4).

 Check “Manual Accruals”: Accruals this field if you want to post manual accruals for this agreement.

Manual Payment:

Payment Procedure: A – Payment allowed up to accruals valid.

Specify the value, if you want to allow manual payment for a Rebate Agreement To indicator specifies the amount which can be paid by using this indicator we can limit the manual payment to be the amount of accruals posted for each Rebate condition records when normal payment is carried out creation of credit memo. When system carried out final settlement all partial payments are taken into account.

 Partial Settlement: R3 (B3)

Specify order type that should be used when we perform costing settlement for the Rebate Agreement. Ex: Customer wants partial Settlement for the Rebate Agreement, and then system uses this document type to settle the partial payment.

Note: That request must be approved before creating the credit memo.

Prerequisite: Make sure that in VOV8 R3 (B3) the Billing type field contains appropriate partial settlement value B3

Check ‘Reverse Accruals’

Check this field when we want accruals to be reversed when manual payment be made for Rebate Agreement.

Use: System reverses the Accruals for the amount for manual payment. I the Cumulative Accruals are not sufficient then the system Reverse the accrual amount to which that system.

Settlement: Final Settlement’ – B1

Specify the Sales doc type that system uses as a default when final Settlement Takes places.

Correction: B2

Specify doc type B2 the System automatically uses to convert the Value. Ex: Sales Volume on which Rebates is based. If the business has to create a condition record with staring date that is in the past, then the system needs to adjust the sales revenue of the customer, then system has to take the invoice that were processed but the retroactive starting date of the condition record and the actual date on which we enter the Rebate Agreement.

Minimum Status: B – Agreement released for settlement

It specifies the minimum status that Rebate Agreement must have before the settlement an be calculated by default it B

 Save it, and Exit

Activate Rebate Procedure infrastructure: (S136):

To update daily sales orders with synchronize updating.

Path Img  Logistic general  LIS  Logistics date warehousing  Updating  updating Control  Activate updates  S&D  S136

Double click on S136 and select ‘Synchronous updating’ in pop up box

 Save it

 Double Click ‘SD60’, Select ‘Day’ & with ‘Synchronous updating’ in pop up box

 Save it

Go to OVA2 Assign sales document types B, B1, B2, R3, R4 to sales Area

Go to VA01, VL01N, VF01raise the sales order billing doc for 2 times and note down the ‘document numbers’.

VA01: Go to Price condition screen & check rebate condition type Boo2 has been activated or not.

Go to Change mode of the Rebate agreement (VB02). Note down the message as system unable to update sales volume in the Rebate agreement we have to run the program SDBONT06 in SE38 Transaction Code. Click on Execute(F8) maintain Selection screen like Rebate Agreement number Rebate Recipient number, Sales Area, & check to error, check drill out, uncheck test, check changed agreement, click on execute.

rewards pls


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in some business rebate discount may vary with accurals( which actually give credit note to customer).

Most of the cases both are same. enter your discount if donot specify accurals will consider 100% of entered amount

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the amount field represents how you are processing the rebate amount whether it is a percentge or absolute amount depending on your condition type.

If it is a absolute amount the accruals field also filled automatically with the absolue amount.

accrual amount specifies the rate at which rebates are accrued during invoice processing


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hiii prashant thnks for the response then how abt scaless whatss Scale amount

maybe a small ex would help