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Rebate relevance and Billing index recompilation

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I am in the process of building the configuration for the system, particularly rebates.

Initially the sales org was marked for rebate relevance, later unchecked and now checked once again.

No rebate agreements have been created in system.

3 billing documents have been created (belonging to billing type not relevant for rebates) which have not passed to accounting.

Do I need to run the billing index program under the above circumstance ?

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Answers (2)

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You don't have to run the billing index program in your case!

Check below link for more information on this area.


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As you said,

No rebate agreements have been created in system.

So, not required.

I will be helpful. If you have an existing rebate agreements and you make modification, such as, new sales organizations/billing types/payers are added or excluded or you creation/include new accesses.



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the rebate index table VBOX is updated when a billing documents is released to accounting, and it has:

- Sales org. relevant for rebate

- Payer relevant for rebate

- Billing type relevant for rebate

NO MATTER if rebate agreement exist or not.

In this case, if there are not billing documents with thoese characteristic released to accounting, then is not necessary to rebuild VBOX.

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