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Rebate Issue: Qty Based Cond Type

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Hi All,

I need to know only functional way (cant use update in pricing routine due to issues in business approvals) to tackle following Rebate requirement.

Background of issue:

User has created credit memo because the logistic discount was not correctly invoiced.

However in this case the Rebate Accrual got reduced


System must have thought that total amount of cases was returned physically and thatu2019s why rebate accruals are reduced).

This is not correct because the Materials are not returned. The materials are still with the customer. Hence the rebate accruals should not be reduced in this case. The credit note is only written because of price differences and not because of returns.

Example: to understand the issue better:

Suppose we have Invoice with 100 CV and an invoice value of 100 u20AC.

Rebate 1.) Shows an amount of 100 u20AC * 4% = 4 u20AC accruals

Rebate 2.) Shows an amount of 100 CV * 0,20 u20AC = 20 u20AC

Now we came to know that the 100 u20AC net invoice was wrong because of a wrong on-invoice discount. Hence the invoice should not be 100 u20AC, but 80 u20AC. However the 100 CV still remain (NO CHANGE IN QTY).

The credit note should affect the rebates in the following way:

Rebate 1.) Should show after the credit note: 80 u20AC * 4% = 3,20 e accruals

Rebate 2.) Remains 20 u20AC accruals (100 CV * 0,20 u20AC)


We want that whenever credit notes are issued which that just price related (e.g. wrong logistic discount) and which do not have a material movement, the Qty-related rebate conditions should not be affected in that invoice.

This requirement must have been used/tackled in all projects where rebate functionally is used.

If anybody has still some confusion in understanding the requirement please let me know so that I can discuss it over the phone.

With Regards,

Tushar Gawande

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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actually the rebate basis can be updated for the quantity scale and/or value scale based on the document category assigned to the sales document type in customizing.

I mean that except if you configured differently, actually are used the standard program for rebate calculation and settlement. Using the standard, a key field is the document category of the document type in customizing (table TVAK field VBTYP).

For the below list of standard document category:

A Inquiry

B Quotation

C Order

D Item proposal

E Scheduling agreement

F Scheduling agreement with external service

G Contract

H Returns

I Order w/o charge

K Credit memo request

L Debit memo request

W Independent reqts plan

0 Master contract

For example, document type with document category C or H update both: quantity and value rebate basis; document type with document category K or L update only value rebate basis.

If I understand properly, in your case when the user adjust the price via credit note, once posted to accounting, the reflect in the R.A. was in both direction: update of both quantity and value.

Personal feeling is that the document type used to adjust the price was not correct and that this document type (as per customizing) is configured to reduce both: quantity and value.

Did you check the customizing of the document type used to adjust the wrong discount?

Which category did you find?


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