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Realistic Delivery Date in IWBK transaction

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How is the realistic delivery date in IWBK transaction calculated? What are the parameters considered?

Most of the entries shows the Realistic delivery date as today's date. When is the realistic delivery date taken as today's date?

A couple of observations

Even if planned delivery date is in the past, realistic date need not be today's date

Even if Goods Receipt processing time and Plnd Delivery Time is not entered in the PO, realistic date need not necessarily be today's date

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As per my understandings, following parameters may be considered.

  1. GR Processing time
  2. Lead time for the delivery
  3. Requirement date
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Hi Thanks for the reply. Can you explain when  Realistic Delivery Date is calculated as today's date?

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Might below thread will help you.



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Thanks for the reply. The thread explains that backended orders give rise to realistic date as today. But I have found entries for back ended orders which give future dates as realistic date.