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Real time issues from client

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Hi SD experts,

Myself Shabnum, i attended couple of interviews.

Interviewer asking abt the Real time issues or problems from client that i hve faced and how i solved apart from configuration & coustomizing issues.

if anyone know this pls explain me in detail.

my mail id is

thanx and regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shabnum,

At many times we face such scenarios where configuration and development doesn't required such as,

Many times user follows wrong businnes process, in that situation we need to get back to user suggesting them correct process to follow.

If there is a business change we need to suggest user in what all areas this could affect.

Some times we face program performance issue, like sometimes program runs very slowly in that case we need to check the logic whether it is efficient or not.

Reward it adds info....

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Hi Rohit,

I really appreciate the way u explained the issue

i need further infomation pls explain with any examples or documents

thanx & regards


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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HI Shabnum,

Sent sme notes on Tickets we generally face in Support.

Reward if it helps



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There are many issues we face in real time project.

Few of which i am mentioning here :-

1.Mostly the issues are related to master data.Means the user enters wrong master data such as customer master fields (Eg:-Account assignment group,Tax code,Currency,Dopp etc) due to this processing of sales order gets stuck.

this situation applies to other masters as well like material master,condition master,output master etc.

2.Issues related to outputs :-If you have prepared any Z outputs then the user will ask change in the layout,additional fields in output,Wrong values may show in the outout, New output all together.

3.Issues related to Z reports :- Same as outputs.

4.New routines or userexits might coome in picture because of some specific bussiness reqirement which is not possible to deal with standard SAP.

5.Awareness issues :-This is frquently faced because some new users might not know how to operate the systems.

6.Authorization not provided for the users for a particular transaction.

Normaly the issues we face in support porject are in follwing categories



3.New requirement (Functional/technical/Abap)


Hope this helps you in interview.

Reward points if helful


Amrish Purohit

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Hi Shabnam,

Please go through Glenc Williams thoroughly and make out some own questions out of it. One cannot explain you everything here so better attend the interviews and post the unanswered ones.