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Real revenue postings on cost center - not statistical postings!

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Hello Gurs,

the client has misused the cost centers and posted cost and revenues against cost centers since he assigned to all cost elements including revenue cost element the cost element type 1.

since this is completly against SAP logic I would like to change logic and cost element types from 1 to 11 for revenue elements and postig the revenues directly to COPA object.

since we are doing sequential go-live we will have some company codes using the old logic and others using new logic.

Is there any possiblity for interim period to post revenues against cost center w/ cost element type 11 which means real postings not statistical postings on cost centers?

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You cant post 11 catg cost elements to cost centers with a real posting

Also, since there is data existing, you can change the cost ele category only from next year onwards... If the requirement is form current year w/o any scope for compromise, then you will have to create new set of GL accounts

Postings to Cost centers are always statistical for Revenues

If you dont remove the tick in KS02 for ACtual Revenue Postings - You cant even post

If you remove - You can post, but only statistical...


Ajay M

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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As per note 41103 under point 6, revenues posted to cost centers will only be statistical. The category types 11 and 12 are revenue based cost elements.



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Hello Johannes,

You can check the "Actual Revenues" check box in the control Tab of the cost center to accept revenues in the cost center. If that tick is not there then the postings are statistical.

Kind Regards // Shaubhik