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REAJ BADI development to adjust contracts

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Hi everybody,

I´m a bit at a lost and hope you can shed some light on this.

We are using RE-FX on ERP 6.0.

The adjustment of conditions is done via standard-tool REAJPR.

Unfortunately in standard sap only offers the possibility to adjust due to an index given in point-value.

Certain European Countries do use indexes that are based on a percentual adjustment.

To achieve a programmatical solution for an automatic adjustment either on points or percentages, I tried to follow note 924965.

It tells me to take a look at the BADi documentation of Badi_REAJ_ADJUSTMENT. I´ve read through it multiple times but am still at a los as to what has to been altered to make both kinds of adjusments work.

has anyone done this before and can give me some hints?

Help highly appreciated.


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Hello Ute,

If I understand correctly, then you can both have the standard Adjustment Rules with the procedure INDX  and also define a new custom Adjustment Rule with procedure BADI.

Index based Adjustment Rules will use points, while BADi based adj.Rules will use percentages.

As the note describes you will have to create a custom table for the index in percentages.

Then, it's up to the user to decide which is the correct Adjustment Rule for each condition, in RECN.

Best regards,