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Read PP Maste Data

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Order has status PCNF. Now I want to do read pp master data. But system is not allowing to do? How can I do Read PP Master Data?

Is there any way to update BOM/Routing changes made after status PCNF?



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Answers (4)

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First u simply cancel the confirmation which have made........then after u can Read Master Data.

Parminder Sikarwar

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Read PP Master data is possible if no Confirmation or Goods Movement taken place. In your case you have already mentioned Confirmation is done, so you can only manually add the required components or Operations directly in the order in the change mode.



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Hi Mayur,

As it is mentioned above it is not advisable/allowed to read the master data once the Goods movement & confirmation is done against the order ............

From the business perspective it will mean that part of the order is executed with one BOM & Routing and the other part with other master data

Can you please tell me the business requirement for which you want to re-read the master data of a partial confirmed order.......?? I guess then we all the suggest some better work around



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If the status of the order is PCNF, that means the order has undergone certain confirmations.

In that case this is not advisible & not supported in SAP.

The logic behind this is the order is in process & we can not go for master data change.

There are two ways to achieve this.

Cancle the confirmations, let the staus gets back to REL, even if the status in GMPS- Goods movement posted, then also it won't allow you to read master data. So you need to cancle the material docs first to enable the read master data.

Second is go for manual changes whatever is required, either in components or operations.

Hope this helps you.


Edited by: SAP PP Consultant on Apr 30, 2009 5:24 PM