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Re-triggering Approval Flow Only on Price Increase for PO/Requisition

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Hello SAP Community,

We have a situation for both Purchase Orders (POs) and Purchase Requisitions (PRs) in our SAP MM module. Currently, when a change is made after a PO/PR has already been released, it re-triggers the approval flow regardless of the nature of the change.

We need to configure the system so that the approval flow is re-triggered only if the total PO/PR price has increased after the release.

Has anyone encountered a similar requirement and can provide guidance on how to achieve this?

Instead of using the traditional release procedure configuration, we are looking to leverage the Flexible Workflow. Specifically, we need:

  1. Guidance on setting up Flexible Workflow to re-trigger the approval process only when the total PO/PR price increases.
  2. Steps to configure conditions within the flexible workflow to handle this scenario.
  3. Any necessary BAdI implementations or enhancements to support this requirement.

Any detailed instructions, examples, or references to documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!

Best regards,

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear @VijayRawal,

triggering the restart of a workflow for PR and PO can be defined in configuration.

Please have a look at following SSCUIs:

SSCUI 103345: Manage Conditions to Restart Flexible Workflow for Purchase Orders

SSCUI 102888: Manage Conditions to Restart Flexible Workflow for Purchase Requisitions

In addition to that you could use the following BADIs:




best regards,