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Re: SOD Matrix for PSCD Module

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Hello All,

I have been tasked to come up with a SOD(Segregation Of Duties) matrix for PSCD (Public Service Collection & Disbursements) module.

I am totally new to PSCD module and don't have any functional experts to explain me the business process and the critical transactions for laying out the SOD matrix.

If any of you have implemented or come across or can guide me in this SOD matrix for PSCD i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (2)

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  1. Every morning the designated supervisor is responsible for retrieving the locked cash
    bags from the vault before (or at the start of business).
    1. The cash bag shall contain:  
      • Bank money - set amount of money that always stays with the bag and is used for
        providing change to customers.
      • Intakemoney- monies received from the preceding day’s transactions. Intake money
        shall be wrapped with a rubber band in the previous days “Cash
        Desk Transaction List”.


2.     Atthe start of business, (DEPT) cashiers shall take their cash bag
key to the designated supervisor for verification and distribution of their
daily cash and
be responsible for signing out and verifying the daily cash received in the cash

  • Keep all monies in the locked cash bag (or locked cash drawer).
  • Keep the locked cash bag key with you at all times.
  • If your daily cash is kept in a locked cash drawer, keep the empty cash bag in an inaccessible place
    to others.

3.      All transactions shall be recorded in SAP by the cashier.

  • For all transactions within the (DEPT)(cash, check, credit and credit card) follow SAP Working Procedures.
  • Checks should be bank-stamped at the time of the transaction.

  • 4.     The cashier shall proceed to open their “Cash Drawer” in SAP using their assigned
    usernames and unique passwords.
    • Never share your username and password.
    • Cash drawers and bag are never to be shared.

  • 5.     If change is needed during the day,take the large bill to the designated supervisor or to the designated
    coordinator if the supervisor is unavailable.
  • 6.     All corrections/reversals to a cashier’s “Cash Desk Transaction List” shall be reported to the designated supervisor as soon as possible if not immediately.
    • All corrections must be initialed by appropriate supervisor or coordinator on the cashiers “Cash Desk Transaction List” before being submitted to the Account Custodian for deposit to the County

  • 7.     At the close of business (COB) one (1)cash drawer shall be balanced at 4:30pm and the other remaining “cash drawers” at 5:00pm.
    • All tender types (cash, check, credit and credit cards) must balance to the “Cash
      Desk Transaction List”.
    • Compile all receipts from credit card/debit card transactions and staple to the “Cash
      Desk Transaction List”.
    • All checks should be compiled together with an adding machine tape and your
      initials, along with your receipts for credit card transactions.


  • 8.     The designated supervisor must verify all tender types and initial on the each
    cashiers “Cash Desk Transaction List” and adding machine tape that are attached
    to the checks.

  • 9.     Once the cashier and designated supervisor have verified and initialed the “Cash Desk
    Transaction List” and adding machine tape balance, cashiers shall turn in their
    locked cash bag with all monies (intake and bank) to the designated supervisor.
    • The cashier shall keep their cash bag key in their desk.


  • 10.     Only if the “Cash Desk Transaction List” has been balanced the cashier shall return to their workstation and close the “cash drawer” in SAP.
  • 11.     If the “Cash Desk Transaction List” and monies are not balanced the cashier and
    designated supervisor shall leave the “cash drawer” open in SAP until the
    discrepancy can be resolved.   
    • The designated supervisor shall
      immediately notify the Account Custodian and representative from the Treasurer’s
      office regarding any open “cash drawer” that will stay open after COB.
    • The designated supervisor and cashier
      shall be responsible for finding the discrepancy in the “Cash Desk Transaction
      List” before submitting monies to Account Custodian for deposit.
    • Any open “Cash Drawer” and monies
      relating to that drawer must be closed and deposited by 2pm the following
      business day.


  • 12.     At the COB the designated supervisor shall return the locked cash bags containing both
              “bank” and “intake” monies to the vault.
    • This applies to both open and closed
      “cash drawers”.


  • 13.     Any “cash drawer” that will remain open because of a discrepancy cannot be used the
              next business day for cashiering until it is reconciled between the cashier and
              designated supervisor.
    • The cashier is to use a new “cash
      drawer” under these circumstances for the following day.

  • 14.     On the next business day the designated supervisor shall take the “intake” monies from
              the preceding business day and corresponding “Cash Desk Transaction List” to
              the Account Custodian for deposit to the Treasurer.
    • The Account Custodian must verify the
      cashiers and supervisors initials before proceeding to deposit.
    • The Account Custodian and designated
      supervisor shall count the “intake” monies received to reconcile and prepare
      for deposit.
    • Once all monies are accounted for the
      Account Custodian will initial and date the “Cash Desk Transaction List” as
      receipt from the designated supervisor.
    • The Account Custodian will keep record
      of “Cash Desk Transaction List”.

    Let me know if the information was helpfull.


    Donny A. Daniels

    Bernalillo County, Albuquerque, NM.

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    Hi Murali,

    Where you able to create a SOD for PSCD, can you email me a copy.