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Re-run of MRP after a Design Change

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Dear Sir,

We are facing a Problem in a scenario as detailed below :

Say there is an Assembly AS-1 having 2 sub-assemblies under it i.e AS-1-1 and AS-1-2 . The sub-assembiles have ROH under them i.e AS-1-1 --> RM-1 and AS-1-2 --> RM-2.

We had run the MRP MD02 for AS-1 . The requirement got generated as per the BOM .

Subsequently , we generated the Production Order from Planned Order for the components i.e AS-1 , AS-1-1, AS-1-2 .

Later on there was a change from the Customer side , so to accomodate the change Design got changed for the Assembly AS-1 . Now , it will have another additional sub-assemby also i.e AS-1-3 . The new additional sub-assembly has ROH under it as AS-1-3 --> RM-3 .

We run the MRP again MD02 for AS-1 (Parameter given in MD02 are NETCH / 3 / 3 / 1 / 2 / 1 ) . We find that in MD04 no requirement is appearing for the sub-assembly AS-1-3 .

We request you to kindly guide us , as what procedure we should follow so that additional new requirement of AS-1-3 is generated after the re-run of MRP .


B Mittal

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The planning mode defines whether the existing planning data should simply be adjusted, whether BOMs and routings should also be re-exploded or whether the planning should be started from the very beginning again.

Example of changes that cause planning mode 1 to be set:

Changes in date and quantity

Requirement changes

Changes in the lot-sizing procedure or MRP type

Example of changes that cause planning mode 2 to be set:

Changes to the material BOM

Changes to the sales order BOM

Changes to the phantom assembly BOM

Changes to references assigned within BOM

Changes to material classification

Change of production version in material master or planned order

Change or conversion of BOM explosion number

Example of changes that cause planning mode 3 to be set:

In-house production time

Planned delivery time

Scheduling margin key

MRP controller

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Check whether the changes in BOM effective from the MRP re-run date and select planning mode to 2 in MRP run.



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planning mode should be DElete and recreate planning,