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Re-run of Costing after the release

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Dear Sir,

We made a costing run using CK11n for a component and subsequently realeased it also . We later-on find that there was some mistake in the cost run . The cost run need to me made again in the same period . Kindly guide us as how can we do it please .


B Mittal

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use the REDO function in CKR1 to revoke the release. This is described in SAP Note 410619.

Below is an extract:



This note allows you to cancel the release of cost estimates, in other words the current anchor in the material master/material ledger is deleted and the status for the cost estimate is set from 'FR' to 'KA'. Thus you can carry out the flagging or the release. Likewise the future standard cost estimates and the previous standard cost estimates can be cancelled.

Additional key words

CK24, CK40N, CK40, CKR1, reorganization, price update, MR21, ML

Cause and prerequisites

o cost estimate(s) are released (current anchor in material master or material ledger is set and the cost estimate has the status 'FR')

o choose option -cost estimate without material master reference

-future standard cost estimate

-current standard cost estimate

-previous standard cost estimate

o enter the value 'REDO' in the OK code field

Remark: 1) The cost estimates which are no longer linked to the material master or material ledger are set to KA in the mode 'Cost estimate without material master reference' without an anchor-update being carried out.

2) If you enter REDO in the OK code field, the transaction remains in REDO-mode for the entire runtime. The activation is displayed as a success-message in the status line.

3) The test mode also works.

4) In REDO-mode, a reference is frequently made to the deletion operation in the user dialog. Now the anchor information in the material master or material ledger is deleted here. Whereas the cost estimates are only modified, in other words they receive the status KA.


Only use this note for repairs in valid exceptions. Implementation: See correction instructions or Service Package.


If the ML is active and actual data was already entered for the current period, you can set the flag again after the cancellation, but not execute the release again.

If the cancellation is carried out for cost estimates of a costing run, do not flag or release these cost estimates again via the costing run; the object or statistical data in the costing rung would be rendered invalid as a result of this.


Please do test properly especially in Material Ledger active environments.

You could likewise use CKR1 to delete the incorrect costing completely.

Any questions let me know.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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You may want to investigate using t-code CK44 - Delete Costing Run.