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RE:Problem with info record PO text update

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Hi Team,

The PO is raised and released and it has info record PO text which was not applicable but we couldn't delete it as it was attached to the Req. We therefore went into the REQ to remove the text in order to go back into the PO to delete it, although this automatically happened when the text was removed from the REQ.

We then tested to see if we changed the Req text - to see if this updated a released PO - the answer was yes. Looking at the PO the changes were not held in the history - as we changed the Req not the PO, even thou changing the REQ ultimately updates the PO

Once a PO is released, if the Req attached is amended no changes should be updated on the PO? The only changes allowed to a PO once released are those carried out thro ME22N.

Please could you advise me if this is standard SAP or if there is something we can apply to prevent this from happening to released PO. Please could you also advise me how we can have access to amend all text fields on the Purchase order regardless of it being held on the Requisition


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The header text from the P.REQ never copy to the P.O Because you can create more than one P.O with reference to this P.REQ, (So the header text will vary depend on the document, thats why it wont copy to the P.O)

The text from the line item will copy to the p.o from the P.REQ.