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Re-Org/Update Program for Route determination

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does anyone know if there is a Re-org / Update program for Routes ?

I have added new routes, against Shipping conditions from NO and SE to many Western European Countries , and would like to update Sales orders/ deliveries with these new routes

Many thanks for your advice


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Answers (2)

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Hello Tony

For the orders, if you have configured 'Define New Route Determination By Delivery Type', then route redetermination takes place during delivery creation and finds the new route. So I would say don't bother about fixing the orders.

Just ensure you have configured these 2 items in IMG:

LE/Shipping/Basic Shipping Functions/Routes/Define New Route Determination By Delivery Type,


LE/Shipping/Basic Shipping Functions/Routes/Define Allowed Actual Route By Proposed Route.

That leaves open deliveries which are not PGIed to be taken care of.

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At the order side - you can try transaction MASS - for object - BUS2032 - item level - select your orders in the screen - click on fields for selection - add Route - provide new values and execute and save.



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Hi Tony,

As rightly suggested by Sai . You can go to mass transaction ---> Select the object sales order ->>Go to sales order item details and than on fields tab select field MASSVBAP-ROUTE and execute

Take the dump of the orders to be updated from VBAP.

Enter the sales document no. and item no. and go to mass maintaince -new field and enter the new value and execute .

Be careful while executing the transaction -first try with 1-2 sales order and than process the rest of the orders.