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Re-open the Previous posting period

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we have closed the posting period for the month of 01-02(april-may) and open the 03-04(june-july)...

but now we want to open the previous posting period i.e. 01-02(april-may) how could we do this..

one solution i have got is that...

1. go to OX18 delete all the assignment for that company code and plant.

2. go to OMSY and change the posting period..

3. go to OX18 and reassign the plant and company code again...

this is the right method to do that..?

will there be any -ive implications if I open the previous period by this procedure..?

or suggest me some other way to do that...

Thanks in advance

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You can open Closed MM periods but be careful because SAP does recommend opening closed MM periods.

Steps are :

1) Tcode MMPI --from Tool Bar select - System - User Profile - Own Data - In parameter Tab Enter "MMPI_READ_NOTE" in parameter Field.

Try to remove assignment of plants from company code.

Now Go to -

T-Code OMSY & Set the required Period.

Re-assign Plants to Company Code & Check whether correct preriod is open thru T-Code - MMRV

Now use T-code - OMWD to Assign Valuation grouping code to Valuation area because the earlier data gets deleted when assignment of Plants was removed.

Use the transaction code OMS2 then select FERT (or any other Material Type used by your company)

Then click on the quantity and value update.

Select your plant or valuation area and put Tick Marks in Value update and Quantity update

Even check this link...

This will definitely reslove your problem.

Thanking you.