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Re:manual conditon still appearing automatically

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I have been asked an question in the interview.i.e"A conditon type(ex;k004) has been checked

manual in v/08,but still it is coming automatically in the sales order condition screen.why".

Can anyone plz help me out with the answer.


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I would say, it is a bug in the system. You should check for OSS notes for this.

The "Manual" tick you marked in the pricing procedure (V/08) is to specify that condition can only be entered manually. It doesn't matter whether you have a VK11 record in the data base. System will simply ignore that VK11 record as "Manual" tick is marked in the pricing procedure.

The behavior of these 2 fields are explained in the below consulting note.

Note 392668 - Input help for conditions in pricing

Therefore I would say you should not see that condition in the sales order condition tab.

What you see in the transaction V/06 (Condition type customizing) under field "Making manual entries" is to specify the priority within a condition type between a condition entered manually and a condition automatically determined by the system.


If you set "B" - The automatic entry has priority. If a condition record exists (VK11), the condition cannot be entered manually.

If you set "C" - The manual entry has priority. When you enter the condition manually, the system does not check whether a condition record exists. Manual entry will override the VK11 record.

For more info on this field, Please check below link;

[Fields in the pricing procedure|]

It is very important to keep in mind that the setting which you have made in the condition type definition will have priority over this setting in the pricing procedure.

Let's say in the condition type configuration, you have setup Manual entries as "D - Not possible to process manually" and in the pricing procedure, you mark the tick box for "Manual".

In such a scenario, system will not allow you to enter this condition manually in the sales order as condition is configured to block manual entries. If you try to enter it manually, then you will get an error message;

Hope this helps!

Best regards,


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K004 is discount item condition so it has access sequence in v/06(condition type deatils) we can mention in manual entry field. if we restrict manual entry there then only system takes automatically (already condition record is maintained for this condition type.



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DId you try to find the answer yourself?

Check T-Code V/06. Here there is a Tab - Changes which can be made.

There you have option of Manual Enties. There would be B - Automatic entry has priority.

This setting will make sure that even if a Condition is marked Marked Manual in V/08 (Pricing Procedure) still the Condition Record will be accessed.

Hope this helps,


Jignesh Mehta