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Re: Create new sales organization

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Hi Good evening to you all,

I have created a new sales organization and did the following SD related assignments and settings manually. Can some one tell me if any other assignments and settings should be done ? please advice

1. Assign sales organization to company code :

2. Assign distribution channels to sales organization

3. Assign Divisions to sales organization :

4. Setup sales areas for sales organization :

5. assignment of sales offices to sales areas

6. assignment of sales groups to sales office :

7. assignment of sales organization & distribution channel to plant:

8.u2018combine sales organizationsu2019

9. u2018Combine distribution Channels:

10. combine divisions:

11. assign sales areas to sales document types:

12. pricing procedure determination for sales organization :

13. GL account assignments for sales organization :



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chandu

Going by the initial post you have done everything for smooth SD flow of your new sales org

But the most important thing missing is

1. VOR1 Define common distribution channel

2. VOR2 Define common divisions

Img-sd-master data---define common distribution channel T codeVOR1

Img-sd-master data---define common divisions T codeVOR2

See without doing this you will not be able to create a CMR for the new sales area or neew sales org

This is very important SD settings

This was pointed out by Mr.Amit but the t code was wrong

V/N6 also is reqd if you are going to have free goods determination in your new sales org



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Dear Raja,

Thanks for pointing-out my mistake with wrong T. Code.

It must be:

T. Code: VOR1 - Common Dist. Channel

T. Code: VOR2 - Common Division

Best Regards,


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Dear Chandu,

Also, maintain:

T. Code: OVAO - maintain the reference sales organisation

T. Code: OVAM - maintain the reference distribution channel

T. Code: OVAN - maintain the reference division

Along with:

T. Code: OVR1 - Common Dist. Channel

T. Code: OVR2 - Common Division

These settings are reqd. to maintain, in order to avoid operational discrepancies, like:

Customer/ Material utilization within a Sales Document for particular Sales Area

Best Regards,


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If you have business area also and you are determing through sales area then you have to assign busness area by sales area.

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Hi Chandu

You are through.... if you have credit management then assign sales area to credit control area.

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You did all the settings

if you have credit management

then assign the sales area to credit control area


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also check u r other assignments

like in logistics general

logistics execution