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RDR1:BaseRef (col "44") is disabled - how to set value?

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(i am re-posting this in a thread of it's own. )

as the subject implies,

i want to set value to that column (a specific cell),

but i can't change the value.

i tried searching the forum,

i read all about userdatasrouce, dbdatasourced

but i still hasn't succeeded...

i keep getting "the item is not user defined and cant be manipulated in this manner" error.

so what manner should i use??

how do i set value to a disabled "system" cell.. ?

(important: 6.5 version!)


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As the error message already says, it is not possible to do it with the ui.

A workaround is to make an extra column(field in the lines) that is editable and then after a save change the field using the query object of sbo

"update rdr1 set col44='xx' where ...."

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yes it's a good workaraound,

but it's too late to do it AFTER the save,

because i want the RDR

to be CORRECTLY "linked" to it's QUT - in terms of base document/target document,

and i believe that setting that column BEFORE the save, does the trick.

alternative question:

how do i MANUALLY set that base/target document data

between RDR and QUT??? (i didn't want to go there)


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use DI

essentially set the following

OOrder.Lines.BaseEntry = something
OOrder.Lines.BaseLine = something
OOrder.Lines.BaseType = something
'set other properties if needed.

there is a good example code called


found under DI section.

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it doesn't work.

firstly i couldn't find the example.

never the less, i did this:

'on after updating event,
oRDR = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oOrders)
oRDR.Lines.BaseType = 23
oRDR.Lines.BaseEntry = strQUTDocEntry

but it doesn't even change the values of the fields!

( i get error [OITM] 'No matching records found (ODBC -2028) ) - this is a lot of fun to me.

and besides, will this help setting the relevenat TARGET DOCUMENT data on the corresponding QUT ???