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Range of Coverage Profile

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Hello All - I'm building a Range of Coverage Profile for dynamic safety stock. I have one question: where do I put the average requirement number? In the configuration of the profile, you calculate the average requirement but you don't put it on that screen. Where do you enter it?

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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System will calcualte based on the coverage profile data in the area of Determine average requirement.

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In the Range of Coverage Profile, no where can I see where I enter the average requirement. I'm asked for the period indicator, number of periods, type of period length, days in period, and range of coverage for period 1, 2, etc.

In the Material Master, I entered the coverage profile in the MRP view for the test material. That's all I entered. When I run MD04, I don't see any safety stock requirement. My stock on hand is 1.

Thanks for your prompt help.

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For example, a material that has a planned delivery time of 2 days is always planned on Tuesdays. In the net requirements calculation during the planning run, the system uses the interval between the MRP date and the availability date of the next MRP date. In this particular case, the interval starts on Tuesday and ends on Thursday of the following week (8 workdays).

Requirements calculation without entering a range of coverage profile

The system calculates a requirement of 160 pieces using the information from the forecast that was carried out previously. If the system does not take a range of coverage into account, it simply creates a procurement proposal for 160 pieces, if the stock level is equal to zero and no firmed receipts exist.

Requirements calculation when the following range of coverage is entered

Minimum range of coverage

3 days

Dynamic minimum safety stock - you need to maintain this in material master

60 pieces

Target range of coverage

5 days

Dynamic target safety stock - you need to maintain this in material master

100 pieces

Maximum range of coverage

12 days

Dynamic maximum safety stock-

240 pieces

If warehouse stock is equal to zero, the system adds a further 100 pieces to the procurement proposal for 160 pieces mentioned above as the incoming quantity has to cover an extra 5 days. This means that the system creates a procurement proposal for 260 pieces.

If warehouse stock is equal to 200 pieces, the system creates a procurement proposal for 60 pieces as the remaining 40 pieces would only cover a further 2 days and the stock should cover at least another 3 days. If the minimum safety stock level is not fulfilled, the system replenishes up to the target safety stock level.

If warehouse stock is equal to 220 pieces, the system creates no procurement proposal, as the remaining 60 pieces will still cover the next 3 days requirements.

If warehouse stock is equal to 410 pieces, the system creates an exception message in the planning run to the effect that excess stock exists - the stock will last longer than 12 days (160 + 12x20 = 400). Moreover, the system also indicates that the stock level of 150 pieces is too high. The target stock level is 260 pieces (requirements + target safety stock).

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Hi Charlie - I don't mean to sound obtuse but where in the material master are the fields: Dynamic Target safety stock and Dynamic Minimum Safety Stock?

In the MRP1 view, there's a Safety Stock field (I use this frequently without a range of coverage profile). And, there's a Minimum Safety Stock field. But I don't see the other fields you're talking about. Are they on another view?

If I enter a value in the Safety Stock field then MD04 shows the value of the field as a requirement needed now (since my stock level is 1).

Are these fields on another MRP view?

I'm almost there! I don't want to quit now! Thanks for your help!


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You define the range converage profile and now you can enter the safety stock and min safety stock in material master

now once you start using this

system will automatically change your safety stock level and that's the reason is called dynamic safety stock

with the coverage profile system will determine the usage of every month and change you safety stock level based on the converage prfile, usage and available stock.

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