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Range conversion factor of material

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Hi All,

I got a problem as describe below :

Material A had Joint as it base unit of measurement and had Feet as it's order unit.

But conversion factor between Joint and Feet is 1 Joint equals to 30-40 Feet

Is it possible if i want to have range on conversion factor of a material ?



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This is an exact matehmatical calculation and so it MUST be an exact conversion and not a range.

For example if you selected to view the stock in feet for an item that was 10 joints, what would you expect the system to do, what stock figure could it possibly display?

I would suggest that you consider using Joint as the base UOM AND the Goods Issue UOM as well.

If you want to be able to hold such a conversion I would suggest that you consider using classigication and have a characteristic of length, here you could use a range.

Steve B