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Random Problem with initialization of add-on fixedassets (SAP 8.82 PL11)

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I upgraded SAP Business One of Version 8.81 Version 8.82 PL06 to

PL11. Randomly, add-on fixedassets is not started and it gives error "Set up function of Add-on failed (C:\Programme Files\SAP\SAP Business One\AddOns\SAP\FixedAssets\BA_FixedAssets.exe)".

In SAP fixedassets logs (Addon_BA_01.txt), i have this information :

2013-05-28 12:10:04.616  0 BA ER CBFEventSink::LoadApplication Exception not handled by Add-On

2013-05-28 12:12:34.546  0 BA ER CBFAddOn::Connect Initialization failed

I searched in forums and i verified:

  • Item group 100 exits in Database
  • DI API et database are in the same version
  • Tax code exists in the database for our localization (FR) C4 et I4

I also tried to reinstall addon.

I have several add-ons (Intrastat,...) and i have only a problem on add-on fixedassets.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Thanks Marcelo,

I've found the cause of my problem.

I have an add-on, not from SAP, that take time in checking the creation of data base specific to the data add-on.

This disturbs initializing add-on fixet assets.

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