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Quota Rating

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Hi Gurus,

May i knoiw how the quotata arrangement & rating works in source determination.

Is it preffered over Info record?



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Hi jai


quota-allocated quantity: Total quantity of all requirements included in the quota-allocated

quantity according to the quota arrangement usage indicator in the

material master record. The quota-allocated quantity is updated


quota base quantity : Quantity used for manual control of the quota arrangement (for

example, when new sources are included).

Quota : Number that determines how requirements are apportioned among

the various sources.

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Answers (2)

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Source Determination happens in the following order

1. Quota Arangement

2. Source List

3. Outline Agreement

4. PIR

Quota rating = (Quota-allocated quantity + Quota base quantity) / quota.

The Source with lowest Quota rating is always assigned.



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Hi Jai,

In the case of sources for which you have specified a quota in the current validity period, the system calculates which source is next in line for a certain requirement. This calculation is carried out by the system during the source determination process for a requested material.

Qta Rating= (qta allocated qty+Qta Base Qty) / Quota

The system assigns a quota rating to each of the sources. The quota rating is calculated as follows:

Quota rating = (quota-allocated quantity + quota base quantity / quota

Hope this clears