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"Order related Billing status" / Over All Billing Status to be Change.

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Hi SD Gurus,

I require your kind attention and help in this matter.

My client is looking to change the "Order related Billing status" of all 1300 service related sales order from "Not invoiced" to "Fully Invoiced".

This happened since the document category in VOFA was intercompany (Delivery related) previously but was supposed to be (order related) and now we changed it to debit memo, and the new orders are having a correct billing status displayed in the sales order i.e. fully invoiced.

But for the old order's the order related status still remails not yet invoiced. And over all status remains Open.

The order related billing status cannot be change directly it happens automatically when invoicing is done, I am currently searching a field for any sales order for to change for this.

I tried VBUK/VBUP: But the problem i faced was when i changed the Field from AtoC it happened at table level but, it was not updated in the sales order field. If still is showing Not invoiced.

Please advice which is this field which must focus to change so that the Order related status comes = Fully Invoiced and over all status becomes closed.

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Hi, I have a similar problem. Could you tell me how have you changed the document category in VOFA (from intercompany (=6)  to  (order related)  debit memo? type?


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it worked for me when I changed the order related billing type in sales order type from IV to L2.