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"Error in account determination:Table T030K key MWS"

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Hello Gurus,

I would greatly appreciate some help on the following issues. The issue relates to tax on sales & purchases. The client charges a state tax for residents of certain states. In FTXP, I have used TAXUSJ and also tax code O1 (A/R Sales Tax, taxable). I have also put the state that charges the tax in the Tax Jurisdiction field in FTXP. In MW1 (Accrued: A/R Sales Tax 1) I have 6.500% for the state.

On the SD side, the consultant is using the Acct Key of MWS for the Condition type UTX1 (hope that makes sense).

When I try to release the billing document to accounting I get the following error:

<b>Error in account determination:Table T030K key MWS</b>

<b>Message no. FF709</b>


In the chart of accounts to be posted to, no accounts are defined for the tax code you used.


Contact your system administrator. Define the accounts to which a tax posting is to be made with the tax code entered in Customizing for taxes on sales/purchases. To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).

I went to OBYZ, double clicked on PROCEDURES, then selected TAXUSJ and double clicked on CONTROL. Once inside, I then <u>changed the account key for condition type JR1 from MW1 to MWS and saved it.</u>

But when I went back to release the billing document to accounting, I now get a new error:

<b>System error in routine FI_TAX_GET_TXJCD_LEVELS error code 2 function builder TAX2</b>Message no. FF769


A serious program error has occurred.

<b>System Response</b>

The current processing step cannot be carried out.


If the program error occurred

- In a standard SAP program, then create an OSS message

- In a program you wrote yourself, then correct the program.

I went back and changed MWS back to MW1 but still get this new error. Does anyone know what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi United99

To tell u in layman words, u r missing in Account determinatin. Tax determination is almost same as Pricing Procidur in SD for which we assign GL accounts to transaction key. As there are ERL, ERF, keys u have MWS (Output Tax)key assigned to Tax procidure TAXUS (check this at defining tax procidre.

Now we assign GL accounts to this Transaction key MWS as OB40. U assign GL account at OB40. Your issue will be resolved. But..

MWS is default Key, i suggest not to distrub it but copy it and assign it to your procidure and to this key assig GL account at OB40.

Please assign points if useful