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"Customer" BAPI in Distribution Model for Training and Events

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We have an HR box with Training and Events - When booking an attendee on a course, you can select the "contact person" tab. Our SD box is separate from HR, so all the contact persons are maintained there. Is it possible to use the "Customer" BAPI in a distribution model so that when we search in the HR box for a contact person, it actually fetches the data from the SD box?

I remember reading up on this a while back but I can't find the documentation I had back then...

I know that in BD64 I can create a distribution model, and if I remember correctly, i should be able to "Add BAPI" and use object type "Customer" - Then add all the methods that I need... (like Find, List, Search etc) In essence, once this model has been distributed to the other system, if I go to transaction XD03 in the HR box, I should be able to display customer master details that only exist on the SD box - Is that correct?

Please help as I am not able to get this to work...

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Ok I figured it out...

I have created a distribution model with the HR system as the source, and the SD system as the target.

In change mode, click the "Add BAPI" button and choose object BusPartnerEmployee, method CheckExistence

Do the same for the following:













Ok so I know that this might be a little over-kill, especially all the Customer methods that I added, but it works