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I am working in ECC 6.0 for Appraisal cataog( Transaction OOAM)

I have the following issue:

My requirement is appraisal process with client has appraisee, part appraiser and final appraiser.

appraisee will frame the key result areas (objectives) and save the app template

then first appraiser(reporting officer) will open the template and make entries for criteria or element evaluation , do the rating and save the document

then finally, the final appraiser( reviewing officer) who is at a higher level, will open the document template, view the entries of first appraiser and mark his entries for the same criterias with evaualtion and rating and system has to finally total both their scores , average it and give the overall rating .then the document shoudl get completed for finally storing it in infotype 24 of the concerned appraisee or the employee .

for this situation , how to set the column access and status flow ???

i have already defined scales applicable to the appraisla template

In the column access , what default setings should i make ??

there are 5 choices

choice 1-- free access for all

choice 2-visibility /maintenance for owner only

choice 3--standard setting

choice 4-maintenance for owner and visibility for all

choice 5--phase dependent access for al

which is the appropriate or accurate choice for my client situation

IN the status flow tab i have set the following:

IN planning -

In preparation( because there are Key result areas to be defined)

In preparation--in review

IN review--- in process

In process--completed

In process -with substatus part appraisal in process and completed

complete-- completed

experts can u help me ??

i have seen that the behaviour of appraisal template 99% depends on these 2 tabs only

experts advice solicited

nataraj s

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Hi Natraj,

Were you able to resolve your issues with OSA? as I am interested as well.