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Questions on maternity leave.

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Hello to all SAP experts!

I've encountered some problems:

I've maintained my It0080 and had added my expected date of delivery however it appears sign saying no entry in T589A and diagnosed "The entry values must be stored in table T589A. The "P" value(s) are not in this table. "

Anyone can tell me what is the "P" values?

In addition, Anyone can explain to me what's the Allowance period and Minimum application period in the Rule Table : Absences for maternity protection really means? I've read the F1 input help but i still do not know how should i configure for my requirement.

Pls advice.

In addition, if my requirement is allow my employees to take flexible leave for the last 8 weeks within the 12 months of the child's birth.

Is there a way for me to configure in that table?

Or how should i configure my requirements?



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these are p values

P COP COP 0004 0800

P CRP INS 0004 0800

P DEL DEL 0008 0000

P DIS DIS 0001 0000 X

P DIS2 DIS 0001 0000 X

P EDQ EDQ 0010 0000

P FAST FAST 0002 0000

P FDEL FDEL 0008 0000

P FDIS FDIS 0001 0000 X

P FEDQ FEDQ 0010 0000

P FINS FINS 0004 0000

P FMOD FMOD 0002 0000

P INS INS 0004 0800

P INSS INS 0004 0800

P LIS0 LIS0 0001 0400 X

P LIS1 LIS1 0002 0400

P LIS2 LIS2 0002 0400

P LIS9 LIS9 0008 0200

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what should i do?

I went to the table T589A and my values are

P COP COP 03 12

P CRP INS 03 12


And so on,

totally different from yours.

And when i attempt to change the value for suppress mode,

it prompt me for workbench request.

Pls help.




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Hi, experts, thanks so much.

I've solved the problem already.'

It was due to my dynamic actions i've created previously,

and once i've deleted, it was ok already!

Anyways,is there anyways to configure my requirement for maternity leave?