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Hi all,

1) some materials in the company are reported that MRP does not work as desired. After the run you find an entry "VP-Bed        VSF/*"

    (created manually). The system tells here:   The system only sets the firming indicator (*) for manually changed planned orders or purchase requisitions. If a firming indicator is set then the system will no longer change the planned orders or the purchase requisitions.

But this doesnt fit in my situation: User does not do anything concerning the indicator

There where it appearently works correct the entry is "VP-Bed   VSF". (means: automatically creation of MRP-elements works)

2) I want to work with separate SLOC disposition. Settings "2" and LMINB and LBSTF are done, but instead of an UL-RES I get a MR -RES.


Many thx. for any help



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Hi Thomas

As a moderator of this space, I suggest you to split different questions on different threads.

Concerning the first question, the * does not mean that your PIR is firmed, since there is no firming indicator for PIRs. I suppose that you have created a requirements plan with called * and that's what you see on MD04.

Try to open this requirement plan on transaction MD62 and delete it.

Please open a different thread for the second issue and, if possible, try to attach screenshots in english (mein deutsch is nicht so gut ).


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Hi Thomas,

Please check the MRP type for these materials. System can also carry out automatic firming of planned orders for MRP types with fixing indicator.

For point 2, could you please elaborate a bit more.

Thank you,


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1) Here I have alternating: VSF / VSF /*                           why?

2) Here I have only VSFs – as desired.

In the beginning I have here an entry MR-RES. Some minutes ago I tried sth (don’t now anymore WHAT ) and I got this UL-RES, my intention

So, what is the reason for this VSF/VSF* issue and how do I control UL-RES?