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Questions about Returnable transport packaging

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Hi Expert,

     I had read about Returnable transport packaging in sap and i had some questions i dont know if it is applicable in SAP or not.

- is there any automatic process for creating the returnable item automatic in migo while i receive the goods or there any way i make a relation between the goods and the vendor so when i buy this goods from this vendor and i set a returnable item in migo it calculate the qty depend on the aty of the goods ex. for each 10 KG there are 1 box as a returnable.

- why i need to add the vendor for each returnable item in migo ?? why it cant be adapt from the PO??

- when i make 502 and i enter the returnable material with batch why i need to enter the vendor even though the vendor number is save in batch.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Ibrahem,

I have published a document Customer RTP. Please check out link -

This link might be helpful to you.



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I believe its possible through the creation of returnable packaging accounts, if you have the correct material types defined etc..

In Customizing for Logistics - General under Material Master -> Basic Settings -> Material Types -> Define Material Types, the indicator Returnable Packaging Account Mandatory has to be set for the material type that is relevant for returnable packaging processing. In goods issue/goods receipt posting, a posting is then automatically carried out to/from the customer's returnable packaging stock and the returnable packaging accounts are updated.

However, I dont believe that updates your MMBE stock  but only the packaging accounts, and reporting is done through that ( I could be wrong though... I just remember looking into RP at one point, and seeing something to that effect).

It can also be done without the RP accounts, but its a manual process MIGO, where you add an additonal line and and enter in the qty for the RP material (system sets it to an automatic 501) at the time of GR.. It will show up in  MMBE as returnable packaging stock for that vendor.