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Questionary for PM implementation project

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Hello Gurus,

I am getting an opportunity to work on PM implementaion project, Scoping will start soon, can you pl guide me which are the things I need to take care during scoping.

Can you pl provide me if any questionary available.

Thanks in advance.

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Following are the major broad milestones in ERP implementation process

1. Feasibility study & ROI analysis - this I suppose your company might have already done

2. AS IS Process study & documentation -to be done by a internal team comprising of major functional team member of your organisation

3. AS IS Process study will be in the form of a BUsiness Process Report(BPR) describing all the business process in details & containing the process flow diagram- tools like Swim lane diagram may be used. This process description shall also contain various Pain areas & aspirations of users & process owners. It shall also contain KPI(Key performance indicators)

4. Out of the BPR - you have to prepare in jist the functional requrement specifications which shall be the Scoope of work of your project.

5. Preparation of RFP & going for IP selection

6. Bid evaluation based on techno commercial evaluation & Proto type DEMO by prospecting Implementaion partners

7. IP selection & signing of contract with IP

8. Detail project planning & acceptance by IP & your organisation.

Then Project Kick- off & then if it is SAP you may follow ASAP methodology which is a well documented process broadly has following phases

1. AS IS Study by IP

2. Business Blue printing

3. GAP analysis if any

4. Realisation

5. Unit testing & integraion testing

6. Final preparation

6. Go -Live

8. Post Go- Live & stabilisation

Moreover include all major business processes like Preventive maintenance, Refurbishment process, Calibration process , Breakdown maintenance process, Condition based maintenance process through capturing of equipment conditions directly from level-1 automation system like PLC.



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Hi Shakti,

Thanks a lot for information.

Can you pl provide me little bit more information about things need to be taken care during AS-IS study. Is their any questionary, which we can use for reference for the AS-IS study?

Thanks a lot.

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You can find sample questionnaire in google.

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AS IS process mapping is documentation of your maintenance process/system by a team who have a good domain experience of the company. In the process of documentaion the team need to interact with process owners/users with simple questions like how they peroform various functions & regarding any computerised system if they use it. Some of the requirements we had put in our scope as follows

A Preventive (Time-Based) Maintenance

1 Ability to assign / suggest / change frequency for preventive maintenance jobs as per user requirement, equipment history and operation duty cycle

2 Ability to generate time based job schedule u2013 daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly

3 Ability to incorporate pending jobs in the schedule

4 Ability to do job prioritisation

5 Ability to raise and transmit job requisition for centralised agencies based on user confirmation

6 Ability to provide information regarding resource requirement (man power, tools, tackles, stores & spares, support from centralised agencies) for preventive maintenance of a particular equipment

7 Ability to plan shut down for preventive maintenance of a equipment

8 Ability to provide job wise Standard maintenance procedure for equipments along with job list

9 Ability to capture / display details of job compliance feedback

10 Ability to allocate jobs to different working groups

11 Ability to align shop shutdowns with job schedule

12 Ability to reschedule pending jobs automatically as per shut down availability and alert automatically

13 Ability to display list of equipments earmarked for time-based jobs on any given day should be present

14 Ability to capture spares consumed in preventive maintenance job execution and linking it with material module

15 Ability to link accident occurred during job execution

16 Ability to generate following reports

1. Preventive maintenance job schedule

2. Work and safety instructions

3. Standard maintenance practices

4. Agency wise list of jobs allocated

5. Job compliance report

6. Pending jobs list

7. Job requisitions for any specified agency