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Question related to credit card file (VCF format)

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Hi all,

This might be a basic question for some and I would really appreiate a quick reply.

My client is implementing Credit Card Clearing and has decided upon recieving a VCF format file. My client is also PCI complaint, so can not store credit card information in the system. My question at this time is that without the credit card information, what do we use as an identifier to map the file information to SAP

I would like to get some feedback from people who faced a similar situation and what were the solutions?

Thanks in advance.

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I had a look into this for you and it might point you in the direction but sorry it isnt the most comprehensive answer for you but the only way of currently achieving this is through using the PI interface for Credit Card Clearing and then it is possible to

integrate VISA VCF 4.0 files into the SAP system.

Whilst the credit card can be masked - you would have to investigate the function module 'HR_TRV_CREDIT_CARD_CLEARING'

Maybe the SAP help document on PI credit card clearing will help too

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Thank you Sally for a prompt reply. This was usefull information, however, it does not answer my question. Let me try to rephrase my question:

In the absence of Personnel # in the import file and credit card information in SAP, what can we use as an identifier to actually map data in the incoming file to SAP?

Thank you

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The data is mapped on the basis of CC number which you would be storing in Emp Infotype 105, ST 11. So your credit card file will contain CC number and all the related transaction data, and this will match to the CC number in the infotype and get mapped.

Pls someone correct me if I am worng.

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Hi Guys,

I am also facing the same issue with the Visa file being sent. It is not in VCF format. They send the file to our legacy system from where its get extracted as .TXT file.

The file does not contains the personnel number and they said it cannot be done at their end.

I mapped the credit card number in IT 0105 - Subtype 0011. However When I run the report RPRCCC00 its gives an error as " This Personnel Number does not exist". This is because the Personnel number field is blank in the file.

Can any one help how to map the file in SAP without PERNR in the file.

Would really appreciate.